The root element of a xml test script.

These pages are intended as a reference manual and detail the elements and attributes which can be used in a test script. Where possible examples are provided.

To give a very simple overview of what a xml test script, the following illustrates how to check the links on a page.

        <?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <!DOCTYPE testSpec SYSTEM "test.dtd">
        <testSpec  application="..." baseURL="http://server/">
                        <fetch url="http://server/..."/>

The following is a more complex example, which verifies the contents of the fectched pages, and the changes to certain database tables.

        <?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <!DOCTYPE testSpec SYSTEM "test.dtd">
        <testSpec  application="..." baseURL="http://server/">
                <database dbdriver = "..." dbconnection = "...">
                        <dbTable name="Customers" identity="CustomerId"/>
                        <dbTable name="Suppliers" identity="SupplierId"/>
                        <dbTable name="log" identity="LogId"/>
                <steps stepid="testAll">
                        <with page="login"/>
                                <fetch/> <verify/> <submit/>
                        <verify page="default"/>
                        <with page="newCustomer"/>
                                <fetch/> <verify/> <submit/>
                <definePage name="login" url="...>
                        <form id="form" name="form" action="..." method="post">
                                <dbInsert dbTable="log" id="userid"/>
                                <input name="Name" type="text" set="..."/>
                                <input name="Password" type="text" set="..."/>
                <definePage name="default" url="...">      
                        <frameset url="default.cfm" name="mainframeset">
                                <frame type="main" name="..."  url="..." />
                                <frame name="header"/>
                                <frame name="hidden"/>
Click on the links below for more details of what can be used in a xml test script.

1. Allowed Content

browser -- Specifies the attributes of the XmlTestSuite web browser
database -- Optional. Specifies the set of database tables to be monitored during testing.
definepage -- Used to define the structure of a html page
definepages -- Allows definePage elements to be grouped together.
steps -- This element contains all the test steps.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s) Default Value

Used to document the name of the application being tested


Optional url prefix to be applied to all urls in testing. e.g.



3. Content Rule

( browser | database | definepage | definepages | steps ) *

4. Parent Elements


Top Elements || All Elements || Tree

test DTD