To monitor a set of database tables for insertions or deletions during testing, specify a set of dbtable elements

List all the tables which need to be monitored during the tests.

The dbconnection and dbdriver strings are standard jdbc strings.

	dbdriver = "" 
	dbconnection = "jdbc:micro+soft:sqlserver://;DatabaseName=traffic;User=sa;Password=ren1920">
		<dbTable name="Customers" identity="CustomerId"/>
		<dbTable name="Orders..Orders" identity="OrderId"/>

Technical Note
The monitoring uses nested selects, so that many tables can be efficiently monitored at the same time. This requires a database which supports nested selects. Most databases support this, the most notable exception being MS Access.

1. Allowed Content

dbtable -- Specifies details of a table to be monitored

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s) Default Value
dbconnection The exact syntax is driver specific; it needs to specify the database and any non default parameters. CDATA #IMPLIED

The name of the java class for the database. This class must lie within your classpath. CDATA


3. Content Rule

( dbtable ) *

4. Parent Elements

testspec   -- The root element of a xml test script.

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