Define a set of steps which can be "called" from a run element.

                <suite name="checkuser" >
                         <with page="user">
                                <fetch querystring="id=#{userid}"/>
                <set name="userid" value="user1"/>
                <run suite="checkuser" />
                <set name="userid" value="user2"/>
                <run suite="checkuser" />
                <set name="userid" value="user3"/>
                <run suite="checkuser" />

1. Allowed Content

domain -- Map a domain name to an ip address.
eval -- Evaluate an arithmetic or xpath expression
exec -- Run a datatbase sql command
fetch -- Fetch a file, an XML or a HTML page.
output -- Output a value or expression.
outputhtml -- Outputs the last fetched page to the stderr output stream without any formatting.
outputpage -- Output an XML representation of the most recently loaded page.
outputtidy -- Outputs a formatted version of the last fetched page to the stderr output stream.
script -- Specifies javascript code, which will be executed in the context of the current page.
set -- Set a variable to a value extracted from the database, to a value extracted from the current page.
submit -- Submit a form.
verify -- Verify the most recently fetched page against a specification.
verifylinks -- Verify that the links in the current page are valid.
with -- Group together a set of steps that use the same page definition.

2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s) Default Value

Assign a unique name to allow this element to be referenced by other elements


3. Content Rule

( domain | script | with | fetch | outputhtml | outputpage | outputtidy | verify | submit | verifylinks | set | eval | exec | output ) +

4. Parent Elements

steps   -- This element contains all the test steps.

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