Outputs a formatted version of the last fetched page to the stderr output stream.

When a HTML page is fetched, it is parsed into an internal syntax tree using a library called jtidy. It will correctly parse any valid HTML document. It will attempt to parse and correct invalid HTML documents. Where there is an ambiguity or error in the HTML, warnings will be raised, but only when the warnings flag has been set (see fetch for details).

Sometimes the resu;t of correcting badly constructed HTML will be different than intended, and will lead to some HTML tags being ignored.

Use outputTidy to view the formatted and corrected HTML.

To output the frame of a frameset, (or a previously fetched page), set the frame attribute to the name of the frame. See also outputTidy

1. Allowed Content


2. Attributes

AttributeValue(s) Default Value
framename CDATA #IMPLIED
stepid ID #IMPLIED
windowname CDATA #IMPLIED

3. Content Declaration


4. Parent Elements

steps   -- This element contains all the test steps.
suite   -- Define a set of steps which can be "called" from a run element.
with   -- Group together a set of steps that use the same page definition.

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